What is the maximum speed of a NANO motor?

The legal maximum is 15.5mph On a NANO Brompton you can effortlessly get up to speeds of 13/14 mph without much additional input. Most customers buy a NANO for hills and general support rather than speed.

What is NANO’s performance up hills?

If you weigh 85kg or less, then you should find the following is what you should expect out of your NANO motor:

10% hill - 7/11mph

12% hill some assistance in 2nd gear

It is not a motorbike, so you do have to pedal on hills, but we have scores of very happy customers who can sail up and down hills so much more easily once the NANO system is fitted.

What weight can the NANO motor comfortably take?

Obviously the lighter the person/bike the better the motor will perform. For an 85kg man, the NANO motor can comfortably do 13/14mph on level ground and easily go up hills as long as you are pedalling. You will find that going up hills is about as easy as pedalling on the flat.

What weight can the NANO comfortably pull?

As reviewed in A to B magazine, the NANO motor can comfortably pull a children’s tag along with a child on it, or a children’s trailer with 2 small children in it.

How waterproof is the NANO system ?

The motor is sealed, we use special waterproof connectors and the battery is inside a Brompton bag. We have tested a bike outside all year and have not had any problems.

Will the NANO Motor fit any Bike?

Almost any bike. The nano system can also be fitted to Bromptons with Kinetics disc brakes/forks.  Just let us know that is what you have.  At the moment, in addition to Bromptons, we can supply kits for Moultons and some Dahons and can convert other bikes on a special projects basis.

We do not recommend fitting a nano kit to the superlight weight T line Bromptons with the carbon forks but a nano kit will fit on all other new Bromptons including the P Line beautifully.


Can I buy a NANO motor conversion without a battery?

Sure, you can supply your own battery if it is the same as the ones we list.  Then you just need an adapter from us - from £50.

Why are the in-pocket batteries not available now ?

The manufacturer has stopped all sales of their 4Ah and 6Ah battteries due to supply issues.  If you have an Oregon battery already we can still supply a nano adapter to use with the nano system.

You used to offer a battery repair service, why has that stopped?

In the past we have been able to buy replacement cells, but our supplier has changed their cells so unfortunately, we can no longer provide a repair service as the new cells are not compatible with the original cells.

What range can I expect from the NANO and how long will the batteries last?

On a fully charged 10Ah battery, based on an average male (70kg) cycling in normal conditions, then you can expect a range of between 20 miles (just with the pedals going round – not much effort) and up to 40 miles depending on the amount of pedaling you do, hills etc. The 4Ah batteries will give 8 - 16/20 miles and the 6Ah around 12 - 24/28 miles on the same basis.

The batteries will last for 2/3 years or around 800/1000 re-charge cycles. Like all batteries there will be some reduction in range – around 10/15% per year.

Can I take my battery on a plane?

Yes, batteries over 160Wh are classed as dangerous goods and not allowed on passenger planes. A 4Ah battery is 144w/h so is allowed on a plane. You may need to arrange approval in advance so check with your airline.

See IATA information for more details.


How do I charge my battery ?

Simply take the battery out of the bag and clip onto the charger supplied. Plug the charger into any wall socket to connect to the electricity.

How long does it take to charge the battery ?

From empty the 4Ah batteries will take about a 2 hours, the 6Ahs around 3 hours and the 10Ah about 5 hours.

How noisy are the chargers ?

The current range of batteries have almost silent chargers.

Can I charge my battery with an inverter?

Yes, our chargers can be used with an inverter which is rated 150w or more, but we recommend use with a 200w pure sine wave inverter.

Can I charge my battery outside the UK?

Some chargers are rated for use worldwide. They are supplied with a UK lead, but we can provide an EU lead on request. For use in other countries use an adapter or buy a lead locally.

What are the running costs of a NANO system?

The only running cost is the cost of electricity to charge the battery. It costs pence not pounds to fully recharge the battery.


Which throttle does the NANO motor conversion kit include?

This is your choice. All nano systems now come with an LCD display as standard which gives you information on your speed, distance traveled etc and you can add a twist or thumb throttle if you choose for £30.  These come with a pedal sensor so they are still perfectly legal and are great for people who only want to use the motor from time to time rather than having more constant support.

The display only system is for customers who don't want to hold a throttle in place, offeres an on/off button and a choice of 5 speed settings. It is uaully fitted on the left and doens't require any handlebar changes.

The low profile half twist throttle is usually fitted on the right handlebar and is similar in use to a motorcycle throttle so is very intuitive. The further you twist it the more power you receive. We can also supply left hand fitting throttles on request. Replacement handlebar grips are also included.

For P handlebars, or if preferred, we can provide a thumb throttle which can be fitted on the right or left handlebar. Replacement handlebar grips are included but you can equally usually keep your own grips with a thumb throttle.

When can I use the power assistance?

When you like; as long as you are moving the pedals! Lots of customers want to be able to cycle as normal and just use the motor on hills or at the end of a long ride. Others want to have the assistance of the motor all the time. That’s why we offer a range of ways to operate the motor.

How do I cut power to the motor?

Stop pedaling, release the grip on the twist or thumb throttle, (as its spring loaded it will automatically turn off) or apply the brakes which will immediately cut the motor on the display only set up.


Can I fit the nano kit myself ?

Absolutely – over half our customers each year fit the kits themselves – they come with full fitting instructions and we are always at the end of the phone if you have any questions.

Alternatively we can fit the system for you. At one of our workshops it usually takes about 3 hours, so we can do it while you wait. 

Do I have to take the bottom bracket off to fit the pedal sensor ?

Yes, on the Brompton you do have to remove the bottom bracket to fit the pedal sensor. We can lend you the tools to do that if you don’t have them yourself.

Are there any Bromptons that the nano system can’t be fitted on ?

Only the new Carbon T line but any other new Brompton (including the P line is fine and the system can be fitted onto any age of older Brompton including the older Titanium models. Some of the older models may need new handlebars (£30/£40) if you want to fit a twist or thumb throttle as the old ones were larger in diameter. Brompton supplied parts subject to their current pricing.

What about widening my forks or widening the slots ?

With our new slimmer motor it is no longer necessary to widen the forks on most Bromptons.  There will be a few models where some adjustment is needed as the Brompton forks are not entirely uniform over the years, but we have fitted thousands of nano systems over more than 10 years now so we know that the slight expansion of the steel forks is perfectly safe. We supply full instructions and a tool for this purpose so you don’t need to worry.

The same with the slots - in most cases the motor will now fit straight in, but if not we supply instructions on how to make tiny adjustments to ensure the right fit. This should only take about 10 minutes if necessary.

Where can I bring my bike in for a nano fitting ?

Our main site is in Leamington Spa but we also have fitting services in Manchester, Yeovil and Burbage (nr Marlborough). See the contact page for more information and maps.

How do I send my Brompton to you for fitting on the Collect/Fit/Return service ?

If you have the original box that your Brompton came in you can use that, with some extra padding, alternatively we can send you a box for £30 or possibly arrange for your Brompton to be collected in parts of the Midlands or London. Call or email for our information sheet. We then arrange the collection, send you a label to print for the box, the courier collects from you and delivers to us, we fit the nano system on arrival and ship it back to you ready to ride.  This all takes around 5 working days.

Can a nano system be fitted onto the rear wheel ?

Not on a Brompton but we can supply rear wheel motors for other bikes for example a Birdy. Having a motor in the rear Brompton wheel upsets the balance of the brompton and is really not good design

I have a titanium Brompton; can I still have a NANO motor conversion?

Yes, the nano motor will fit straight in to all Brompton titanium forks.


I don’t like the big Brompton bags – do you have anything smaller ?

Yes, we can supply a mini nano bag which is really just the size of the battery – you can fit keys and a phone in as well but that will be about it. This is specifically for customers who only want a small, light bag on the front.

I need a big bag to take everything with me on the Brompton – which bag do you recommend ?

We can convert any of the Brompton bags to work with the nano system so you have a wide choice. The Borough bag is currently the largest with a capacity of 28 litres but there are lots of other choices too. Call or email for the full details.

I don’t want a bag for the battery – why can’t it just be on the front ?

The nano system is specifically designed to have the battery protected in a bag and to work with either the One click’ Brompton luggage system or a handlebar stem connector on other bikes. We believe the battery should be in a bag and not open to the elements or creating a potential danger if damaged in an accident.

Can I use my existing Brompton bag ?

Sure – we have a bag wiring package so your existing bag can be converted for use with the nano system. This is what most people do.

Can I buy a pre-converted bag from you ?

Of course, we have variety of bags in stock and will always buy in anything else as required. These are then available already converted and ready to use.


Can I buy a new Brompton with a nano motor already fitted?

Yes - we sell 30 - 40 new Bromptons fitted with a NANO system every year. We are not bike dealers however we have teamed up with local Brompton dealers and between us we can provide you a complete electric Brompton ready to ride in around 10 days depending on the Brompton spec chosen.

Can I use a Cyclescheme voucher ?

Yes, you can buy a nano system through Cyclescheme as well as Salary Extras/Caboodle

Can I buy a used nano ?

Sure – they occasionally come up on Ebay, Gumtree etc although do be careful the one you are buying is not stolen. Always ask for the serial number and the frame number. The serial number is at the bottom of the handlebar stem and the frame number is stamped into the steel below that. If the bike is being sold without a bag or battery that is suspicious.

Also check our our Pre-Loved page as sometimes we can offer nano converted Bromptons that customers want to sell through our site.  

What is the difference between Brompton’s own electric bike and the nano ?

Not much in terms of the motor. Lots in terms of our better availability, price and delivery dates.

They only have an 8Ah battery and we have a large number of battery options

You have to buy new but a nano system can be fitted to any existing Brompton: old/new, any number of gears, any handlebars etc etc

Their operation is on top of the battery and accessed by leaning through the handlebars but the nano throttle options are all easy to access on the handlebars.

We fit a pedal sensor so you only have to have the pedals moving to use the motor, whatever speed you are doing. Theirs is a torque sensor so it balances out your effort in with the motor.

Overall the view is that the Electric Brompton is a prettier but more expensive and more limited version of a nano !! See the A to B article for more information.

What about other retrofit conversions on the market ?

This appears to becoming a fairly crowded market but we started first and have built up years of experience.  There are a couple of systems available now that claim to fit any bike and that the forks don't have to be widened.  We have investigated these and in a lot of cases the forks still do need to be widened slightly but there is no information on how to do that and they include components that we have previously rejected because they don't fit Brompton's properly.  You also have to buy their battery set up and in some cases that means not being able to have a bag on the luggage block.  All in all we think you should buy a nano system !! Tried, trusted and reliable.


Why is the shipping so expensive?

The UN have designated batteries of this size as dangerous goods so they must be shipped in UN approved boxes with special labels and documentation. We ship all batteries in compliance with the UN regulations which means the shipping is more expensive, but it is legal.

I live outside the UK; can I have a NANO motor conversion?

We can send kits almost anywhere in the world, although we usually recommend buying the battery locally to avoid the high shipping costs due to the batteries being classed as dangerous goods. Please bear in mind that the fitting instructions are in English and the warranty is on 'Return to base’, so you would be responsible for the cost of any returns.


Is the NANO motor legal?

Yes. The main legal requirements in the EU regarding electrically assisted bikes are on the following link

Do I have to have a license or road tax to ride NANO motor ebike on the roads?

In Europe, Australia and most states in America you do not need a license, a test, road tax or MOT to ride an electric bike. Always check your local legislation.

Does fitting the NANO motor affect my bike warranty?

Yes, most bike manufacturers will not recognise their warranty once an electric conversion is added to their bike.

What warranty is there for a NANO motor conversion?

We offer a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects on the motor system and the battery.

This is on a return to base basis, so you must return the bike or parts to us for repair or replacement.


What happens if the something breaks ?

We can supply replacement parts such as pedal sensors, brake sensors, throttles etc with information on how to change them over or you can come into  one of our workshops for the work to be done. Alternatively almost any bike shop should be able to do this simple repair for you.

What if I get a puncture?

The NANO motor is in the front wheel which is also one of the easiest to remove of any ebike. We have fitted special waterproof connectors at critical points; one is by the motor, so it is easy to take the wheel off and repair the puncture as normal.

Are the motor rings a problem ?

Not any more - this was an issue about 8 years ago but was rectified quickly.  If you have an older system and the motor ring does go through wear and tear we can still repair your motor. Just send us the wheel or bring it in for the work to be done. You can tell if you have a problem with the ring as the motor will work when the wheel is in the air but not if it is under any load.


Can I use the bike like an ordinary bike?

Yes. If you don't use the throttle at all, then the front wheel free wheels just like a normal bike. Or you can pedal as well as using the motor which gives you greater speed and uses less of the battery’s power, enabling you to go further.

Can a NANO motor be converted back to a normal bike?

You can, although we are sure you would not want to. The wiring and components could be easily stripped out and the new motorised wheel can usually be swapped straight out for the original wheel.  If you have the older, wider nano motor and the forks have been adapted you would need to replace them with new forks to fit a standard Brompton wheel back in.

I have a dynamo hub at the moment – can I have a nano system ?

Sure, we need to replace your dynamo hub with the nano motor but we can then fit lighting to run off your nano battery if required. We usually replace the front light with one that includes a regulator but you can continue to use your existing back dynamo light.

How can I pay?

Credit card or bank transfer is best. You can also pay by PayPal, but there is a 3% surcharge due to their high fees and poor exchange rates.

Does the NANO conversion affect the Brompton fold or the overall size?

No, the system is specifically designed for the Brompton, so the fold is completely unaffected. There is also no overall increase in size so will still fit hard sided luggage etc.

Can you increase the power out of my NANO ?

No. The power levels are set as per the legal requirements in the UK and to get the best performance from the motor. Customers worldwide find the nano gives them what they need in terms of support from the motor not speed.