nano electric bikes - conversion kits for Bromptons

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As easy as 1 - 2 - 3 with kits available in stock

Do it yourself or we can fit for you!

1 - Fit the nano motor and one piece wiring harness.

2 - Fit the bag wiring to your own bag or buy a ready wired bag from us

3 - Attach the battery, pop it into your bag, connect and OFF YOU GO !!

The lightest, quietest and easiest to fit Brompton electric conversion. Now even lighter and easier to fit with no need, on most Bromptons, to adjust the forks.

Transform your Brompton into electric drive in just a few hours with prices from £840 for everything you need for the electric conversion.

With over 10 years experience fitting and maintaining electric bike systems on Bromptons, a conversion system by nano electric bikes is the best choice if you already own a Brompton or if you are looking at a second hand or new one.

Discover the joy of cycling with the nano electric bikes system. Level out the hills to arrive cool, calm and collected wherever you are going: shopping, commuting to work or out exploring.