Price List from 23rd February 2018 (prices inc VAT)

£750 - nano kit with 4Ah battery, adapter, charger, motor, pedal/brake sensor and throttle or button display    

£899 - nano kit with 13Ah battery, charger, motor, pedal/brake sensor and throttle or button display 

£100 -   Pre-modified forks Black matt  - other colours - £125  

£520 - nano kit without battery or charger

£50 -  Adapter for 4Ah battery - Bosch or MacAllister

You will need a bag for the battery to go into - choose from the following or just add a bag fitting kit to your existing bag
Bags - including connectors (bag, frame, shoulder strap and rainproof cover)

Compact 6 mini Bags - £110 in a variety of colours (see gallery)

£90 Tote bag (black) or £110 in Pink, Green or Grey
£155 - Mini O bag Reflective Black or £130 in Berry Crush 

£150 - T, C or S Bags in a variety of trims/colours
£240 - O bag (in a variety of colours) or £255 Reflective Black
£35 - Bag fitting kit if you already have your own bag 
£65.00 - Bag frame with pre wired connectors   

£100 - nano powered lighting inc front and rear Brompton LED lights with nano connectors

£55 - Front light only with nano connectors (for previous dynamo fittings) 
£100 - Fittings at nano sites in Marlborough, Yeovil or Leamington Spa (3 hours)

£120  - Fitting in London or Manchester  (3 hours)

£20 - Fitting lighting at one of the nano workshops

Shipping - £30 full kit, £20 just a battery £50 - whole bike and battery

Please note shipping costs high due to specialist battery shipment required  

Free collection from Leamington

For other prices just call or email.