Options and accessories


You have a choice of simply the display or you can add a throttle to activate the motor instead. All nano electric bikes systems come with a pedal sensor so they comply with current EU regulations.  Systems can be supplied to other parts of the world without a pedal sensor where there is no requirement for one. 

Twist grip - for M, H and S handlebars - intuitive, easy to use and proportional, the further you twist the faster the motor goes giving quick control to top speeds. Hold in place while the motor is being used.  Usually fitted on the right but can be fitted on the left on request. The display is then fitted on the left to turn on/off and show battery information and speed/distance etc Supplied with new handlebar grips for left and right

Only use when you want the motor power, the rest of the time you can just pedal normally

Thumb throttle fits all handlebars but not post 2017 Bromptons with underbar gear levers.  This throttle also proportional and very popular for customers who want to keep their existing handlebar grips. 

Paddle pushed with thumb, the further you push the paddle the faster the motor goes, giving quick control to top speeds and like the twist you only use it when you want the motor power so the rest of the time you can just pedal normally

Hold in place while motor being used.

Usually fitted on the right but can be fitted on the left on request.

Supplied with new handlebar grips, but you can use your own instead so is a good choice if you want to keep your own handlebar grips

Also fitted with the display on the left to turn on/off, battery information and speed/distance information etc 

Display - If you are likely to be using the motor the majority of the time and you don't want to hold a throttle all the time you pre-select a speed and just start to pedal.  The motor will then take you to and maintain that speed. If you need more or less speed simply adjust with the easy to reach buttons.

Usually fitted on the left for ease of operation the display is used to control the motor so no need to hold a throttle in place and no change of handlebar grips needed.

Can be switched off if no power is required so you can cycle as ‘normal’.

5 speed settings controlled with up/down buttons and a 6kph – walking button.

Display shows on/off, speed, distance, battery level etc

DISPLAY          K/hr          Miles/Hr

6k/h button        6

OFF                   0                 0

Level 1              11               7

Level 2              14               9

Level 3              17              11

Level 4              19              12

Level 5              25              15

BAGS - nano electric bikes systems are designed so that the battery goes inside a bag which is secured to the Brompton through the luggage block with our 'one click' connection or via a handlebar bag on other conversions.

Fast, simple and so easy to use. If you don't have a Brompton bag already just choose one from a wide range or the new nano mini compact 6 depending on what else you will need to carry. If you already have a bag that can be used so there is no necessity to buy a new bag.

Brompton have a new bag range so there are more bags than featured here - see https://www.brompton.com/shop/bags for the full range.  it is then just £45 for the nano bag wiring.

If you have a very old, all metal frame that will need to be changed to a new frame (£95).

Metro and Borough bags - Messenger style will fit all batteries. See Prices page for latest costs.

Borough - 28 litre capacity - 40 x 20 x 20cm

Metro - 23 litre capacity - 40 x 30 x 15cm

Also available in waterproof, city and backpack style see https://www.brompton.com/shop/bags for more details

Ortleib Ultimate Compact 6 mini bag (fully waterproof)

For customers who want the smallest bag possible, this bag comes fitted ready to use with nano bag wiring and just takes a battery and a few small items like keys, phone, glasses. Comes with a removable shoulder strap.  2.7 litres capacity 14 x 20 x 8cm in Black, Lagoon or Rust.

Tote bag - £80 in Olive Green - 9 litres, 28 x 30 x 11 cm

Teflon coated canvas with carry handles, canvas shoulder strap and zip top/velcro closure

For up to date prices and the full Brompton bag range including limited edition bags available from time to time subject to availability see https://www.brompton.com/shop/bags.


A full lighting system can be fitted powered by your nano battery for £100 + £20 fitting if we fit it for you.

If you already have a hub dynamo we need to replace your front light with this regulator/front light with powerful LED for £55. These are compatible with most Brompton Hub Dynamo systems but do ask for more details.


£100 for fittings in Leamington Spa, Yeovil and Burbage

£130 for fittings in Manchester

£170 - Collect, fit and return service (add £25 if we need to send you a packing box first) THIS IS THE BEST OPTION FOR SAFE FITTING IF YOU ARE RESTRICTED FROM TRAVELLING

£20 shipping if you prefer to fit the nano system yourself