nano battery options

Batteries are so key to choosing an electric system.

At nano we offer a wide choice of batteries including a number which can be taken on passenger planes.

If you are buying a whole nano system the battery, charger and adapter are included in the kit price. Additional batteries are available at the prices listed below. If you already have a suitable battery we can supply the nano system just with an adapter.

4Ah (144Wh)  36V batteries

These batteries can be used with the nano system with the addition of a nano adapter and the 4Ah battery is included in the kit price.  They both have the same range and reliability so the only difference is that one goes inside a Brompton bag and the other can go into the pocket of the larger bags.

These are all standard appliance batteries manufactured for heavy duty use in drills or garden equipment. Although they are not designed as e-bikes batteries we have been using them in the nano system for years and they have proved very robust and reliable.

The 4Ah batteries weigh just over 1kg and have a range of 8 – 16/20 miles depending on the terrain, rider's weight, weather etc. Without putting in much effort at all on fairly flat ground you should be able to get around 8 miles on a single charge. If you are pedaling and only using the battery for hills etc then you should achieve the upper range. 

The battery goes inside a Brompton bag and is used with the nano in-bag connector. Red or green batteries work in exactly the same way with the nano system.

You can buy the battery and charger from a number of power tool companies or from nano. Please note that nano will honour the 12 month warranty on the battery if bought through us, but other companies may not as that is not their designed purpose.

10Ah (360Wh), 36V, Hailong batteries

These traditional e-bike batteries are supplied with a nano adapter already fitted.

The battery weighs just under 4Kg and gives a range of 20 – 40 miles depending on the terrain, riders weight, weather etc and fits into most of the standard Brompton luggage except the mini O, tote and Compact 6 but is not recommended for the roll top or shoulder bags due to the weight of the battery.

How to choose - Most customers choose the 4Ah batteries as they are lighter and more flexible to use. The larger batteries are only really needed if you live in a very hilly area or are regularly needing to use the motor for long rides of 30 miles plus.

Flying with batteries - Up to 2 of the 4Ah batteries can be taken on a passenger plane, subject to approval, however the larger batteries are not permitted due to IATA regulations.

Expected ranges - those listed below depend on a number of factors, including how much assistance is used, how hilly the terrain, and how much weight is being moved.

Charging - this takes proportionally less time if you have used less of the battery capacity before charging.

Life expectancy - All batteries have a life expectancy of around 800 charge cycles but are expected to reduce capacity by up to 15% each year.




Nano adapter


4Ah  - Weight 1.3kg

16 x 8 x 8cm

Range 8-16 miles/12-25km



2 hr



10 Ah Hailong 4kg

32 x 10.5 x 8cm

20 - 40 miles/32-65km