Nano kit - best for Bromptons

In a recent article by Best e-bike Conversion kits by ebike Tips, nano was voted best for Bromptons. Read all about it HERE.

New London fitting and demonstration site

We have partnered with FixYourCycle ( to provide a fitting and demonstration service in London.  This is the perfect solution for existing customers to have their Bromptons serviced and for potential customers to try out a nano demonstrator on site and then have a kit fitted if they decide to go ahead. Their first site is at White City with more locations opening up so check out their website for up to date information.  

nano motor - fits straight into most Brompton forks - no more need to widen them!

Our slimmer nano motor is lighter, faster and more receptive which, for most Bromptons, will fit straight into the forks - including titanium!!

No retrofit kit can guarantee a motor that will fit straight into all Brompton forks, they have changed in width over the years, but companies that don't pay too much attention don't necessarily know that !!.   We have found that most Bromptons can fit our new motor straight in, those that can't have only a few minor adjustments to make and we give you all the instructions and support you need to do that if necessary.

The new nano motor comes with an upgrade in terms of display which can also be used to operate the motor. You can now see your speed, distance etc, but still with the option to add a twist or thumb throttle which customers love for the additional control they are looking for.  All with pedal sensors so they are legal across the UK and the EU.

The 'one click' battery/bag set up is still there and we are putting an expanded team in place for mobile fittings and support as necessary across London and the Midlands.  Watch this space for more details.

nano fitting on YouTube

Have a look at a great YouTube video on the nano kit and fitting by one of our US customers.

(Da Ying - YouTube channel: Da’s Shorts

Chubby Trailer

A Chubby Trailer is perfect for use with a nano system.  Here is one of our customers with their dog.  So cute!

Nano Brompton v the Official Brompton Electric

For 99p check out the comparison by A to B Magazine nano Brompton versus the new Electric Brompton.  ">

After an in depth trial, their independent verdict was ..."in the end they look much the same and do much the same things".

We are delighted because, with years of experience behind us, we can confidently offer a nano system for Bromptons of all ages, gears, handlebars and colours with options on batteries, throttles and bag that Brompton just can't match.

Lots to move on a round Europe trip
Normandy fields
Bembridge Harbour
The Millennium milepost at the summit of NCN72 aka Hadrian's Cycleway. ​The 156m climb in 3.6kms from Bardon Mill was not a problem, for a nano Brompton!