nano Brompton v the new Electric Brompton

The only comparison we have seen of the new electric Brompton.

For 99p check out the comparison by A to B Magazine nano Brompton versus the new Electric Brompton.  ">

After an in depth trial, their independent verdict was ..."in the end they look much the same and do much the same things".

We are delighted because, with years of experience behind us, we can confidently offer a nano system for Bromptons of all ages, gears, handlebars and colours with options on batteries, throttles and bag that Brompton just can't match.

MacAllister batteries back in B & Q

The first 4Ah 36v batteries that we used in nano electric Bromptons were these excellent value MacAllister batteries sold in B & Q for £115 including a charger.  They seem to be back, possibly only for the summer, so we can't include them in our nano electric conversion kit prices but we are always happy to supply a system without the battery if customers want to buy a battery direct themselves. Just let us know which battery you have so you can include an adapter (£50) in your nano order.

Mini bags arrive

These really small bags are just big enough for a Bosch or Oregon (or MacAllister) battery but no much else.  Perfect if you don't want to have a big bag on the front of your electric Brompton

Lots to move on a round Europe trip
Normandy fields
Bembridge Harbour
The Millennium milepost at the summit of NCN72 aka Hadrian's Cycleway. ​The 156m climb in 3.6kms from Bardon Mill was not a problem, for me!