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These are the key elements of a nano electric conversion kit for Bromptons. Mix and match to get the nano kit to suit you best.  
See the full price list below for all available options, upgrades and other costs.
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Full Price List from 1st January 2017 (prices inc VAT)


  nano Conversion System  
Kit nano kit with 4Ah battery, adapter, charger, pedal sensor and  throttle or button display £726.00
  nano kit with 10Ah battery, 2.5Ah charger, pedal sensor and throttle or button display  £880.00
  Pre-modified forks Black matt (for titanium bikes or self fit) £100.00
  Forks can be provided in gloss, varnished steel or other colours - £125  
  nano kit without battery or charger £500.00
  Adapter for 4Ah battery - Bosch 
Connectors for non nano e bike battery (customer responsible for compatability)
Bags including connectors (bag, frame, shoulder strap and rainproof cover)
Note - all Brompton bags can be converted just ask if not listed here
Mini O bag -  in a variety of colours
  T  - Black 31L capacity, 420w x 300h x 270d £143.00
  C  - Black, berry trim or lagoon blue flap, 25L capacity, 420w x 300h x 170d £143.00

S  - Black or coloured flap 20L capacity, 420w x 260h x 170d

O bag - choice of colours  20L capacity, 500w x 300h x 150d

Bag fitting kit if you already have your own bag 

Bag frame with pre wired connectors
Lighting nano powered lighting inc front and rear Brompton LED lights with nano connectors £100.00
  Front light only with nano connectors (for previous dynamo fittings) 
Fitting nano Marlborough, Yeovil or Leamington Spa workshops (3 to 4hrs) £100.00
  London and Manchester £120.00
  Fitting lighting at one of the nano workshops £20.00
Collect/Fit Collection of bike, fitting and return  (aprox 1 week) £170.00
Shipping Kit - UK £30.00
Rates subject  Battery - UK £20.00
to change Whole bikes (UK ) includes battery shipping £50.00
  Lighting kit (if not sent with kit) £5.20
  European kit/battery deliveries from £120 -  advise post code for accurate quote  
  Please note shipping costs high due to specialist battery shipment required  
  Free collection from Leamington or Marlborough  

all + shipping New nano harness £185.00
  Replacement Brompton front wheel - reconditioned motor (Previous customers only) £140.00
  Brompton front wheel - new motor £250.00
  Mudguard Stay (Generally needed for bikes more than 8 years old) £20.00
  Copper strips for bag or block £10.00
  Spoke/nipple set (1 of each)


Motor repairs + return shipping (customer pays to ship the wheel to us)
Extra/spare 4Ah battery (Bosch) with charger and adapter £235.00
and chargers
4Ah battery (Bosch)
Bosch Charger
Bosch nano adapter
  10Ah battery with 2.5Ah charger £415.00
  2.5 Ahr charger (Weight 950g Size 15cm x 9cm x 5cm) £40.00

5Ahr charger - charges 10Ahr battery in 2 hours 
5Ah charger upgrade (when buying a 10Ah conversion system)



To order any of the above either complete an enquiry form or email through the contact us page.