electric bikes

Motor a brushless 36v, 290 rpm, 28 spoke motor built into your front rim which connects to a controller via a modified luggage block and luggage frame to enable the system to become live when the Brompton bag, containing the battery, is clicked into place.

The motor is 80mm wide so required the Brompton forks to be slightly expanded to fit.  If we are fitting your kit we will do this as part of the fitting.  If you buy a kit to fit yourself we can supply pre-modified forks if required or you can angle grind and expand the forks yourself following the instructions and tool provided.

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Half grip twist throttle, smooth and proportional, is fitted to the right handlebar. The further around you twist the faster you will go, up to the legal limit of 15 miles per hour.  There is a button to switches the system ‘on’ and ‘off’ and LED lights on the throttle to give an indication of the battery charge.

A thumb throttle is also available on request and is required for P handlebars.

The Pedelec replaces a throttle and gives a range of 6 speeds that are pre-selected.  You need to pedal first when using a pedelec which is not the case with the throttles. The Pedelec is a legal requirement in the EU and some other countries.  

The throttle, 36V controller and modified luggage block are all supplied as a wiring harness.

Brake sensor, for safety there is a sensor placed by the left hand brake levers to cut the motor when you apply the brake.  

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Battery and charger - 5Ahr (180wHr) or 10Ahr (360Whr), 36V, Lithium Ion Phosphate chemistry with a 2.5Ahr charger as standard.  The battery is supplied in a fabric damp-proof bag and fits into the standard brompton luggage - T, C and S bags.  These batteries have a life expectancy of over 1,000 charge cycles and are guaranteed for 2 years to retain 85% capacity per year. Weights and sizes are on the price list.  Please note batteries of this size are not permitted on passenger planes.

Expected battery range is 10 - 20 miles for a 5Ahr battery and 20 - 40 miles for a 10Ahr battery but actual range achieved will depend on a number of factors, including how much assistance is used, how hilly the terrain, and how much weight is being moved.  A to B magazine achieved 

A full charge will take around 4 hours for a 10Ahr battery and 2 hours for a 5Ahr battery. Charging takes proportionally less time if you have used less of the battery capacity before charging.  A 5Ahr charger is available as an upgrade for use with a 10Ahr battery and cuts the full charge time to around 2 hours.