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There are plenty of choices available if you would prefer to buy a new Brompton with a nano conversion kit already fitted.  All nano systems now include a pedal sensor to comply with EU and UK regulations.  

In addition to the battery size, bag and throttle you need to let us know about the handlebars, colour/s and any bike accessories.

We will order the bike on your behalf, collect it for you and fit the nano kit.  You can then either collect it from our workshop in Leamington Spa at 23 Cross Street, Leamington Spa, CV32 4PX or we can ship it to you at any address in the UK or overseas.

Check out the Brompton website for more information

Do remember that unless we can source a Brompton from stock from one of the dealers we work with, new orders can take around 8 weeks.  Worth the wait if you have set your heart on specific colours or a current year model.

Interested ?  Complete the enquiry form here and we will contact you to give you an idea of lead in times and give you a no obligation quotation.
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Image description
Mini O bag (in various colours)
O bag (in various colours)
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M Handlebars
M handlebars
S Bag
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S handlebars
Image description
P Handlebars
C Bag
T Bag
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Image description
H handlebars
Game Bag - 2 options