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All nano Brompton conversions are based around a kit which you either buy to fit yourself, bring your bike into one of our workshops or ship it to us and we will fit it for you or order a new bike and we will fit the kit before shipping or collection.

Each kit is hand built from high quality components, is modular in design and includes the following:

A brushless 36v, 250w, 290 rpm, 28 spoke motor is built into a front rim which connects to an electronic controller via a modified luggage block and luggage frame to enable the system to become live when the Brompton bag, containing the battery, is clicked into place,  the 'ONE CLICK CONNECTION'.

The nano motor weighs just 2kg, runs very quietly and has an excellent freewheel, so a converted bike can still be ridden as a normal bike.

The motor is 80mm wide so requires the Brompton forks to be slightly expanded 
to fit. If we are fitting your kit we will do this as part of the fitting.
If you buy a kit to fit yourself we can supply pre-modified forks if required or
you can angle grind and expand the forks yourself following the instructions
and using the tool provided. Titanium forks cannot be modified so always
have to be changed.
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Throttle choice 
There is a choice of either a half grip twist grip or thumb throttle which are spring loaded, smooth and proportional or alternatively a button display. 

The half grip twist throttle fits any Brompton handlebars except the P handlebars. The speed can be regulated by twisting the hand throttle up to the legal speed limit of 15 miles/24km per hour. There is a button to switch the system ‘on’ and ‘off’ and LED lights on the throttle to give an indication of the battery charge. 

A thumb throttle can be used on any Brompton handlebars including P handlebars. It is also fitted on the right handlebar but doesn't require the handlebar grips to be changed, just removed to fit the throttle. The thumb throttle is activated by holding back the paddle, like the twist grip, the further you push it back the faster you will go. 

The button display replaces a throttle, can be used on any Brompton handlebars and when switched on gives a range of 6 speeds that are pre-selected, there is also a 6km per hour button which moves the bike at 6km per hour without having to pedal. 

With all options a pedal sensor is included due to changes in UK law in 2016 which require the rider to move the pedals before using the motor. 
1 steady
2 steady
3 steady

The throttle, or button display, 36V electronic controller and modified luggage block are all supplied as a complete wiring harness. 

For safety there is a sensor discreetly fitted to the existing left hand brake lever which cuts the motor when the brake is applied. Note we do not change the brake levers
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Battery and charger - Our larger battery is a 13Ah (468Wh), 36V, Lithium Ion battery with a 2Ah charger. This is a battery for long journeys or lots of big hills as it will give you a range of 25 - 50 miles (32 - 64km) but weighs 4kg and sits in the main compartment of an S,T, C or O Brompton bag. These batteries have a life expectancy of over 1,000 charge cycles and are guaranteed for 12 months to retain 85% capacity. Please note batteries of this size are not allowed on passenger planes but up to 2 of the 4Ah batteries can be taken.

4Ah (144Wh) 36V batteries are supplied with a nano adapter to work with the nano system as these are appliance batteries designed for heavy duty use in drills or garden equipment. They have a manufacturers warranty of 2 years and have proved to be very robust and reliable.  They are lighter and more flexible than the larger batteries and have proved to be the most popular choice for nano customers.
There are 2 options - Bosch or Oregon.  The Bosch batteries go inside the bag and the Oregon in the pocket of a C, T or S bag or either fit in the Compact 6 bags.

Expected ranges listed below depend on a number of factors, including how much assistance is used, how hilly the terrain, and how much weight is being moved. 


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Size (cm)
Standard charge
Fast charge
16 x 8 x 8 (Bosch)
17 x 10 x 5 (Oregon) 
8 – 16 miles
12 – 25 km
1 hour (Bosch)
2 hrs (Oregon)

13 Ah
32 x 10.5 x 8
20 – 40 miles
32 – 64km
7 hours
Bag - The nano battery is connected inside a Brompton bag making this conversion unique in how easy it is to use and also very discreet.  The battery, which sits along the bottom of the bag, leaves plenty of room to carry other things (except in the mini O bag) and is easily dis-connected to lift out for charging.

If you have your own Brompton bag already it can be converted to be used with the nano system with a bag conversion kit.  Alternatively if you have an older all steel frame, or prefer an easier converson if you are doing it yourself, you can buy a pre wired frame to swap into your existing bag.

New bags come fully wired and there is now a wide choice so for full information see the accessories page.

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T bag - black only
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Roll top bags in brown or black
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S Bags in black, lime green or lagoon blue

C Bags in black, lagoon blue or black/berry trim

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Mini O bags in reflective black and berry

  Bag/Price inc nano wiring



T Bag (£150)


31 Litres

42 x 30 x 27cm

C Bag (£150)

Black, berry trim, lagoon blue

25 Litres

42 x 30 x 17cm

S Bag (£150)


Mini O Bag  (£155)

Compact 6 bag (£100/110)

Black, lime green, lagoon blue

(Other flaps available)

Black (£130 berry crush)

Variety of colours

20 Litres

7 Litres 


42 x 26 x 17cm

21 x 23 x 14cm

5.5 x 30 x 8


All other parts, for example a left hand handlebar grip, cable ties, clips, waterproof connectors etc are provided as part of the kit or fitted as required.  


Fitting options
£100.00 - In one of the nano workshops in Leamington Spa, Marlborough or Yeovil. £120 in London or Manchester.

A fitting will take 3 - 4 hours.
Other bike shops can often offer a fitting service but the prices may be higher due to their shipping costs and their own labour charges

DIY Fittings - full instructions are provided if you would prefer to fit your own nano conversion.  To make fitting easier we have the following options
£100.00 - Pre modified black forks (also needed for titanium bikes as their forks need to be changed) other colours £125
£50.00 - Pre Modified bag frame


The batteries of the sizes we sell are legally required to be shipped as dangerous goods according to UN regulations with specialist packaging and labelling
£20.00 Battery in the UK
£30.00 Kit in UK
£120 - £150 Kit to Europe if a battery is included - much less if the battery is bought locally which is usually possible with Bosch batteries.

Guarantee and Warranty
The nano system is guaranteed for 12 months against manufacturing defects and the battery is also guaranteed for 12 months to keep up to 85% of its charge.  The warranty is on a return-to-base basis.  It is expected that most elements of the system can be repaired or replaced at reasonable cost when outside the warranty period.

A to B magazine independently tested the nano system on a Brompton and achieved 46 miles from the 10Ah (360Wh) battery. The range you achieve will depend on how you ride, weight, terrain and the weather.  A light person who pedals on level ground will achieve a much higher range than a heavy person who doesn’t pedal much on hilly ground.
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