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Conversion Kits

Kits fitted for you or fit yourself

from £785 inc VAT

Bring your Brompton into one of our 
workshops for your nano electric bike conversion kit fitting.

Or, if you are comfortable with basic bike mechanics, fit the nano electric bike conversion kit yourself at home using our detailed instructions

New Bromptons

A new bike with nano conversion ready fitted

from around £2000

Choose your colour, gears and any extras and we can arrange for a new Brompton 
to be pre-fitted with a nano electric bike conversion kit before delivery or collection from one of our workshops.

The nano electric bike conversion kit can be shipped worldwide, subject to local shipping regulations


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Bags, spare batteries, chargers etc

 Need an extra battery, charger or lighting 

Parts and spares available, including the opportunity to upgrade your harness to the latest version.


nano Brompton v the new Electric Brompton

For 99p you can check out the comparison by A to B Magazine on the nano Brompton versus the new Electric Brompton.

After an in depth trial, their independent verdict was ..."in the end they look much the same and do much the same things". 
We are delighted because, with years of experience behind us, we can confidently offer a nano system for Bromptons of all ages, gears, handlebars and colours with options on batteries, throttles and bags that Brompton just can't match.

MacAllister batteries back in B & Q

The first 4Ah 36v batteries that we used in nano electric Bromptons were these excellent value MacAllister batteries sold in B & Q for £115 including a charger.  They seem to be back, possibly only for the summer, so we can't include them in our nano electric conversion kit prices but we are always happy to supply a system without the battery if customers want to buy a battery direct themselves and just get an adapter from us (£50).

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Used nano Brompton for Sale

We have a 2010 S3R with an original handlebar mounted controller nano system fittted that a customer has asked us to check over and then sell for him.  

The bike is in very good condition only having been used for a few months as the customer's job changed.

He is asking for £1100 ono for the S3R, an S style bag with nano wiring, the original nano system fitted with full twist throttle, schwalbe marathon tyres, rear carrier rack, 

There is no battery or charger but the Macallister set up would give you a totally ready to go nano Brompton for £1270.00
For full information and more photographs see the nano Brompton for Sale document below
2010 S3R nano Brompton for sale info.docx

About Us - nano electric bikes

Since 2000 we have been working on electric bike conversion kits for bikes of all shapes and sizes with thousands of satisfied customers over the years.. We particularly focus on Brompton electric conversion kits but can supply for other brands so please always ask.

We now have workshops in Leamington Spa and Marlborough and a growing networks of engineers who can provide fitting services around the UK and Europe. Now including London, Manchester and Yeovil.

 Just some of our feedback from recent customers

We live on a steep hill, a mile up from the shops and a quick pop down for a loaf is no longer to be feared, or planned well in advance. Anthony

It is the best thing I have ever bought, saves me at least ½ hour a day on my commute and means I am independent of public transport if I need to be. Geoff

I love my nano electric brompton, there is no way I would have even considered cycling without the electric boost. It makes up for the pony I didn't get when I was twelve! Karen

"I am so impressed with the elegant connection with the battery in the Brompton bag connecting to the front block, it is so much better than the alternatives which seem so clunky by comparison" Ian


Use your nano battery to power front and rear LED 
lights on your nano electric Brompton. 

Easy retro fit to the nano conversion 

Nothing in the lighting package affects the fold. 

£55 for the front light only, if you already have dynamo lights or £100 for the whole package.

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Compact battery bags

A new addition  to our bag range is the waterproof Ortleib Compact bag which can be fitted straight onto a Brompton luggage rack or attached to the handlebars or handlebar stem of other bikes with special fixings.

The Bosch or Oregon 4Ah batteries fit nicely inside.
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4Ah battery options

We have been selling the Bosch 4Ah battery for some years and are delighted to now introduce an Oregon 4Ah battery to our range.  

This battery can fit into a Brompton bag pocket or into the new compact bag. 

The range is the same as Bosch from 8 - 16 miles (12 - 25km) on a single charge. 

Two of the 4Ah batteries can be taken on a passenger plane and at only just over 1kg each they are light, robust and flexible.

Demonstrations and Fittings

Try out a Brompton fitted with a nano electric conversion system and 
have your conversion kit fitted locally in the following locations.

Call or email for more details 
  • London
  • Manchester (Pop Up Bikes)
  • Leamington Spa
  • Yeovil
  • Burbage near Marlborough
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Nano at Bembridge Harbour

A lovely day for a cycle around the harbour.

If you have a photo you would like to send please just email it to
See Richard Peace's review of his trip to Paris on a nano.

Read about the nano try outs from Campfire Magazine.
Note - you can keep your own handlebar grips if you choose the thumb or button controls.