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10Ah battery

In a water-resistant bag with standard 2.5Ah charger.

10Ah battery with 2.5Ah charger= £415.00
10Ah battery with 5Ah charger= £465.00

2.5Ah charger

Size 15 x 9 x 5cm Weight 950g

5Ah charger

Size 18 x 9 x 5cm, Weight 1200g
Usually supplied with a UK lead but Euro leads are also available. 
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4Ah battery and adapters

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Using appliance batteries and a specially designed adapter you can now use light (1.2kg) batteries with your nano conversion kit.

These will give you a range of 8 - 16 miles (12 - 25km) and up to two can be taken on a passenger plane. 

Adapters for both Bosch and previously available MacAllister batteries can be bought separately (£45)  if you already have a suitable battery.

4Ah battery (Bosch)  - £135
Charger - £55
Adapter - £45

nano powered LED lighting

Lighting which uses the nano battery can be added to your nano Brompton conversion kit.
We put in a new LED front bulb which is much brighter and uses less than 2 watts from your nano battery.
Official Brompton light fittings are used to ensure the fold is unchanged.

The front switched light, with an LED bulb, is fitted as a pre-wired complete unit with a regulator board, connections and fixings.  A wiring loom connects to the back LED light if required.

Simple to fit yourself or we can fit it for you.
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T Bag - £143 inc connectors

The largest Brompton bag for a nano 2.0 battery to go into.
This bag has a roll-top system with nylon clips for closing. There is a pocket and a bottle-pouch at the back, a zip-up pocket inside and three elasticated net pockets around the outside. Capacity approx. 31 litres; 420w x 300h x 270d; comes supplied with a shoulder strap and a high-visibility rainproof cover.

S bag - £143 inc connectors

A smaller messenger-style bag designed for the S handlebars but can also be used on other Bromptons. It has plenty of compartments, a bright lining and waterproof zip. These bags have a removable front panel which allows the bags to be personalised with different designs. Shown here are Black, Lagoon Blue and Lime Green.

Capacity 20 litres; dimensions 420w x 260h x 170d; comes supplied with a shoulder strap and a high-visibility rainproof cover.
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£100 for the complete lighting package
£55 for a front light unit only (If you already have a dynamo and back light) 
£20 - fitting in one of the nano workshops

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C Bags - £143 inc connectors

Messenger-style bags in Black, Lagoon Blue or Black with Berry trim with a Velcro and buckle-fastened flap. Plenty of pockets, finished with water resistant zips and a bright lining.
 Capacity 25 litres; dimensions 420w x 300h x 170d; comes supplied with a shoulder strap and a high-visibility rainproof cover.

The most popular bag to use with the nano system as it is easy to use and a good size.

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Mini O Bag - £128 inc connectors

A smaller, fully waterproof bag by Ortlieb. 
These are quite small bags but will take one or two 4Ah batteries with enough room left for keys, phone, wallet/purse. 

The larger battery will not fit in these bags.

The Mini O bag comes in a range of colours Black, Berry, Lime Green or Reflective Black (£25 extra) specify the colour in advance.